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Question no-1
The doping concentrations on the p-side and n-side of a silicon diode are 1 10^16 cm-3 and 1 10^17 cm-3, respectively. A forward bias of 0.3 V is applied to the diode. At T = 300 K, the intrinsic carrier concentration of silicon ni = 1.5 10^10 cm-3 and kT/q= 26 mV. The electron concentration at the edge of the depletion region on the p-side is

Optional Answers

(a)                  2.3 10^9 cm-3

(b)                  1 10^16 cm-3

(c)                  1 10^17 cm-3

(d)                  2.25 10^6 cm-3


(b)                  1 10^16 cm-3

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