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paper of General-Engineering Basic electronics Physics for you

Exam section of

Paper of Basic electronics in General-Engineering

Subject=Basic electronics

Question no-1
Electric conduction in a semiconductor takes place due to

Optional Answers

(a)                  Electrones only

(b)                  holes only

(c)                  both electrons and holes

(d)                  neither electrons nor holes


Question no-2
When an impurity is doped in a intrinsic semiconductor ,the conductivity of the semiconductor

Optional Answers

(a)                  increases

(b)                  decreases

(c)                  remain the same

(d)                  becomes zero


Question no-3
In a normal operation of a transistor

Optional Answers

(a)                  the base-emitter junction is forward -biased

(b)                  the base-collector junction is forward biased

(c)                  the base-emitter junction is reverse biased

(d)                  the-base collector junction is reverse biased


Question no-4
An inductor ,a resistor and a capacitor are joined in series with an AC source .as the frequency of the source is slightly increased from a very low value ,the reactance

Optional Answers

(a)                  of the inductor increases

(b)                  of the resistor increases

(c)                  of the capacitor increases

(d)                  of the circuit increases


Question no-5
A capacitor act as infinite resistance for

Optional Answers

(a)                  DC

(b)                  AC

(c)                  DC as well as AC

(d)                  neither AC nor DC


Question no-6
When the diode show saturated current ,dynamic plate resistance

Optional Answers

(a)                  zero

(b)                  infinity

(c)                  indeterminate

(d)                  different for different diode


Question no-7
In a laser tube ,all the photons

Optional Answers

(a)                  have the same wavelength

(b)                  have same energy

(c)                  move in same direction

(d)                  move with same speed


Question no-8
When the two photon stimulates the emission of another photon ,the two photon have

Optional Answers

(a)                  same energy

(b)                  same direction

(c)                  same phase

(d)                  same wave length


Question no-9
A p type semi-conductor is

Optional Answers

(a)                  positively charged

(b)                  negatively charged

(c)                  uncharged

(d)                  uncharged at 0K but charged at higher temperatures


Question no-10
In a transistor,

Optional Answers

(a)                  the emitter has the least concentration of impurity.

(b)                  the collector has the least concentration of impurity.

(c)                  the base has the least concentration of impurity.

(d)                  all the three regions have equal concentration of impurity.


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