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New T 200K Full Color Led Controller

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         T-200k System features  1.32—256 Gray level,Support software Gamma correction.  2. Support the rules and special-shaped handle.  3. 8 ports output,one port can support 512-1024 pixels.  4. offline (SD card) control and on-line control can be combined using multiple controllers, the contents of the offline control program stored in the SD card.  5. Compatible with single line or double line chips.  6. If the controller to the lamps distance can choose photoelectric isolated transmission and as far as several distances of up to 200-300 M Note:T-200K Off-line(SD Card) control need to be the first master controller insert SD card. T-200 K in the PC software compatible with T-200 K-BNOTE:1.When T-200k controller control less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30fps. When T-200k control more than 512 lamps and less than 2048 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.  2. T-200k must use the new software LedEdit 2012. 2、Support chips: Chip type Software code& Controller type Lamps/(MAX) Note LPD6803,D705,1101,6909, 6912T-200K-B-6803819232 gray levelLPD8806,LPD8809T-200K-B-88064096 TM1803,TM1804,TM1809,TM1812T-200K-B-TM4096TM1804 and TM1809 are divided into high and lowTM1903,TM1904,TM1909,TM1912T-200K-B-TM194096 UCS6909,UCS6912,UCS7009,UCS5903T-200K-B-UCS324096 UCS1903,UCS1909,UCS1912T-200K-B-UCS2564096divided into high speed and low speedUCS3903T-200K-B-UCS10244096 DMX512T-200K-B-DMX1360/4096Compatible with standard DMX512WS2801,WS2803T-200K-B-WS4096 WS2811T-200K-B-WS28114096divided into high speed and low speedDS189T-200K-B-DS1894096 TLS3001,TLS3002,TLS3008T-200K-B-TLS4096 P9813T-200K-B-P98134096 SM16715T-200K-B-SM167154096divided into high speed and low speedSM16716T-200K-B-SM167164096 BS0901,BS0902T-200K-B-09014096 BS0815T-200K-B-08154096 NOTE:if chip is 256 grade gray level and Single-line IC choose .When programming choice high speed mode and one interface controls 1024 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s. Double-line IC or single-line IC with low speed , one interface controls 512 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s.3.Appearance picture     4.The meaning of flag TTL signal(245 signal):      AC IN Exchange 220V power supplyCOM(common port) GND (ground wire)POWER POWER LIGHTDAT SignalSTATUS Status lightCLK The clock lineSD CARD SD card slot  NOTE:According to TTL signal output,Ground of the controller must be connected to the lamp’s ground. 5.System architecture figureNote:The IP address of the computer should be set to: wiring diagramNote:1.If the distance between controller and lamps more than 50m we suggest using differential signal transmission control or Photoelectric isolated signal transmission control,please read the manual carefully. Signal lines must be a cable,the best is Super five kinds of cable.7.Application scopeLED digital tube,、LED point light source、the exterior light and a module、 pixel screen (dazzle colour screens)、 high power DMX lighting.8.Specific parameters:Memory card:Type:SD card(if controlling so many lamps it is best to use the high-speed SD card.)Capacity:128MB—2GBFormat:FATStore file:*.ledPhysical parameters:        Working temperature :-30℃—85℃                   Weight:1.35KGWorking voltage:AC220VWorking power:8WSize:L270mm×W180mm×H55mm Signal port:3pin connect portNOTE: T-300K Support online download the effect-file to SD card.Attention:T-200K-B outline controller. if many controller be used at the same time, the first controller must inset a SD card with one file only!Before copy files to SD card ,The SD card must be formatted as FAT format.The SD card in controller can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time, you must first disconnect the power supply9. Trouble shootingLight question 1: controller after electrify, indicator light is normal, but the lamps no effect changeAnswer: the reasons for this are the following:(1) Please check lamps signal and controller have correct connection.(2) If it is meet TTL signal, lamps and lanterns and controller must altogether, namely the lamps GND (ground) to the GND and controller (ground) got together.(3).Please check the effect file of SD card , the selected models whether current lamps and used the chip consistent.Question2After power, the T-1000S ERROR indicator has been flashing without display outputanswer:The ERROR indicator has been flashing means the controller did not read the card correctly, possible problems:①SD card is empty, with no effect file.②The effect file in the SD card and the controller model are not match, please choose correct controller model in LedEdit and then re-create the effect file *led.③SD card did not format to FAT before copy effect files.④Please check the supply power voltage, the controller can be individually powered to exclude power reasons⑤Changing the SD card and then test to exclude the possibility of a bad SD cardQuestion 3: The controller is powered on, the indicator is normal, but the lamps have no effect changeAnswer: The reasons for this are as follows: ① Checking if the lamp′s signal line and the controller connected correctly.② If be received was the TTL signal,the lamp and the controller must be common grounding, that means connect the lighting′s and the controller′s ground wire together.③ Check if the model chose during making display files on the SD card match the chips used in the lighting.Question 4:Controller  Connecting to the computer  but  can’t work normally.Answer:      1).The IP address set to       2).Check the controller's ip address is       3).Check the network cable is connected,Or whether produced in accordance with the common standards of the network cable.
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