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         Irrigation Water FilterIrrigation Water Filter IntroductionIrrigation Water Filter:Jieming firstly introduced disc filtration technology into Chinese market, over the years this technology has been developed and widely applied. The disc cartridge is made up of a volume of discs with both sides being grooved, intersections are formed by groove edges can intercept the solid particles contained in the water, because of its mesh and deep filtration, it greatly enhances the filtration effect. Meanwhile, the Irrigation Water Filter has the characteristics of efficient backwash, automatic continuous operation, low water consumption, less footprint and reliable operation, the filtration system s backwash process is alternate, service and backwash cycles shift automatically, to ensure continuous water, low system pressure loss, therefore, the advantages of Irrigation Water Filter technology are very clear.Jieming Co.Ltd now combines years of experience, improves and enhances traditional technology, has developed new series Irrigation Water Filter system that has own intellectual property right.Improve and enhance traditional Irrigation Water Filter1.Use many patented technologies, much safer, high efficiency, save water, save space and less routine maintenance for installation and application. 2.Filter cartridge design without spring, while in filtration, the inlet water pressure compact the set of discs by the diaphragm device automatically,thus pressure required for backwash is decreased greatly.3.Unique build-in duckbill valve, ensures the maximum water capacity during filtration process, as well as has greater backflow check valve function while backwash process.4.Split assembled filter cartridge structure, is flexible to change filter cartridge height as design required, thus adjust filtration area, and meet different system matching requirement. 5.Give up conventional metal clamp design, filter unit with self-locking buckle and specially designed seal ring, assembling and disassembling of the filter unit cover becomes very easy, good sealing effect. 6.Every filter unit has filtration and backwash process indicating devices and automatic air intake and air discharge devices, prevent water hammer damaging as well as improve filter cartridge backwash result.Irrigation Water FilterOperation principleIrrigation Water FilterWorking process Water flow from side inlets through the tangent direction to the filter cartridge, inlet water pressure within the chamber drives the diaphragm device that is above the cover, and the mandrel to downward press the disc sets,the disc sets compacted as a filter cartridge, since water impurities intercepted by the filter cartridge, water flow through the check valve locating in the bottom middle of cartridge to the outlet.As the diaphragm press downward, the red indicator above the cover drop into the sulcule. Irrigation Water FilterBackwashing process:While in backwashing, side inlet becomes drain port, the diaphragm also looses previous downward pressure, meanwhile backwash source water comes from outlet port, because of the check valve, backwash water can only flow through four tubes with nozzles and push upward the filter cartridge cap and diaphragm device,loose the disc sets, meanwhile water flow out through the tangent line, discs rotate, the solid particles were washed out. Due to the diaphragm device pushed up, the red indicator upper the cover is pushed out, it is easy to see and determine the inside filter cartridge process from outside. While in backwashing, upper automatic air check valve will open automatically, air can come into the chamber, contributed to ejection and washing results improvement. Irrigation Water Filter unit specificationsPorts : inlet 3  victaulic outlet: 3  victaulic Dimension: mm cover diameter:¢230 unit height:840 maximum width:265Unit net weight: 9.4 KgMaterial:High performance reinforced engineering plastic Optional filter discs:green 50 、 red 100 , yellow 200 ,Working pressure:0.2 ~ 0.8MPABackwashing pressure: 0.15~0.8MPaIrrigation Water Filter filter unit flow rate Vs differential pressure curvesIrrigation Water Filtersystem System working pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.8MPA; Backwashing pressure: 0.15~0.8MPaWorking temperature:  60 PH:4-13Irrigation Water Filterunit (A) quantity: 3-10System backwash: use other unit s filtrated water to backwash one by one till completed.Inlet pipe (B): stainless steel material, 6 - 8  flange;Outlet pipe (C): stainless steel material, 6 - 8  flange;Drain (D): 3  flange Backwash valve (E): plastic material, 3  victaulic System controller(F): automatic dedicated controller, insulation class is international standard IP65;Dimension and weight: refer to the drawingFor the situation of lower inlet water pressure, external backwash water resource JYF series or filtration system with a main valve available to choose.Irrigation Water FilterModel selection1.Raw water quality categories:A.Good: municipal tap water, well water extracted from stable aquiferB.General: cycle cooling water, surface water after sedimentation, effluent water after effective sedimentation and full biological treatment. C.Poor: underground water extracted from poor quality aquifer, effluent water after effective sedimentation, none or seldom biological treatment, surface water with large quantity active microorganisms. D.Very poor: dirty well water or well water containing high iron and manganese; surface water affected by flood and without sedimentation, drain water without sedimentation and biological treatment.Different raw water has great effect on filter  operation cycle, generally choosing a system mold ensuring each filtration process can last more than an hour. 2.Filtration grade selection for Irrigation Water Filter:selecting discs, it is significant for ensuring filter s application through the whole water treatment process, only if selecting discs correctly, post water quality requirement is met. The following table is recommended filtration grade for common application. Filtration system application(Irrigation Water Filter)Filtration grade selectionDrinking water pretreatment, various production process water, nozzle protection50Recycled water filtration, water supply pre treatment100Reclaimed water treatment, waste water treatment200Raw water quality, filtration grade and flow rate are the basis for choosing our filter system Filter unit s flow rate refers to flow rate/pressure deviation curves. Irrigation Water Filtermodel tableRaw water qualitygoodGeneralPoorVery poorGrade20010050200100502001005020010050Filter modelflow M3/Hflow M3/Hflow M3/Hflow M3/HJY2-3756042574533403022241913JY2-41008056766044544030322618JY2-512510060957555675037403222JY3-31119060846648604533362819JY3-4148120801128864806044483726JY3-5185150100140110801007555604732JY3-6222180120168132961209066755639JY3-725921014019615411214010577846645JY3-829624016022417612816012088967552JY3-9333270180252198144180135991088558JY3-103703002002802101602001501101209465Actual flow rate depend on pressure loss, above table is only for recommendation
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