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                         It is a platform for education and study. Now here faculties can generate multiple choice objective online papers and students can appear for the same online. You can organise online test for all subject study. And also find previous study papers link in bottom of page.

                         Design Paper                          Attempt paper                          results                          show answers

Instructions for use to conduct online test for coaching.

Step-1 Design Paper:- Faculty can set objective paper by clicking on Design Paper.
       On Design Paper page follow below these steps.
       (a) Select Number of Questions.
       (b) Press Generate Form.
       (c) Enter Questions, options and their corect objective answers.
       (d) Enter other details like institute, course, subject, faculty and Student password.
       (e) System will generate Paper id.
       (f) Please remember Paper id, Faculty password and Student password and dont tell these to anyone( Confidential to this objective paper).
       (g) Your objective paper is generated.

Step-2 Conduct Examination:- Faculty can conduct online objective test for paper set by him/her.
       To conduct online examination follow below these steps.
       (a) Tell your student to open megasasta.com study page online by searching it on google.
       (b) When all the students open study section of megasasta.com online tell them to click on attempt paper.
       (c) On attempt page all the student will enter their name, roll number.
       (d) Now faculty will announce paper id and student password to all students(without id and student password nobody can attempt your paper).
       (e) After entering name, roll number, paper id and student password student will press start button.
       (f) Then students of coaching will attempt objective questions on their individual computers online.

Step-3 End of Test(lock paper):- Faculty will lock the paper after locking no one will be able to attempt or submit paper in following steps.
       (a) Faculty will annouce students to submit paper by clicking on submit button.
       (b) Faculty will ensure that all the student have submit their paper because after locking no one will be able to submit paper.
       (c) After submition of answers by all the coaching students faculty press result button from his computer.
       (d) On result page faculty enters Paper-id, Faculty Password and then press result (result button will lock paper online so nobody can attempt it).
       (e) Result of each student of coaching with their name and roll number comes in tabular form online and test is over.

Step-4 Show Correct answers(Optional):- Coaching faculty can open the correct objective answers to all students for their benefit.
       (a) Press show answers button on sudy page.
       (b) In show answer page enter paper-id and faculty password. An online link will generate on study page for your question paper.

Now Conduct online coaching examination or test with megasasta.com and save paper and time for checking.

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