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use solar panel and heater system or product to get renewable power and energy

Non-Renewable source of energy 

    In today's world we are using lots of devices, vihicles and electrical systems. Science made our life easy and comfortable with various inventions and research. Science gives various  luxuries equipment and systems to get comfortable life. But it also having drawback in terms of pollution and affordability of systems. As mostly systems given by science in its early phase runs on non renewable source of energy. These devices runs on energy source available limited on this earth.

So we have following drawbacks of using system works on non renewable source of energy. Are as follows.

  1. It creates pollution (by burning petrol, coal etc).
  2. It creates environmental imbalance (like construction of dam takes lots of fertile land).   
  3. Costly (as non renewable source of energy is limited its cost increases with time exponencially).

Renewable source of energy (solar heater , panel or light)

    But we have sollution as renewable source of energy (solar water heater panel). Source of energy which gives continious source of energy naturally forever like energy from sunlight (solar energy), energy from moving air(wind energy), energy from moving water(hydal energy). These sources of energy are natural and will never exhaust. These sources of energy are free from pollution. And we are having products like solar light , heater systems etc

Advantages and hurdles of using renewable sources of energy (solar water heater panel, solar light)

    Following advantges of using renewable sources of energy are as follows

  1. Free of cost like solar energy (in solar light, solar panel or solar water heater panel we never pay for sun light)
  2. Pollution free (solar energy is continuously released by sun without cause any pollution)

    Problems in using renewable source of energy

  1. One time investment 

    Systems for renewable source of energy are quit costly(like solar water heater panel costs around 16000Rs or solar light cost you arounf 500rs) for first time but they provides life time free source of energy. But people hesitate in investing good amount first time due to lack of confidence in systems gives renewable source of energy. You can use any solar based system Like Solar water heater panel, Solar light etc.

Products and systems in renewable source of energy are solar panel, solar water heater, solar light  

Solar panel system (as renewable energy source)

    Solar panel converts sun light into electrical energy. As sun light is abundant in nature so it will be a good source of renewable source of energy. Just invest for one time and you will get life time free electricity for your home or office.

Mathematics for solar panel


Solar cell panel of 1 square Foot gives 12V and 1A of current  = 12W (approx) but just consider 6W(as solar light intensity varies through day)

1 Panel= 6W (1 square feet)

house hold require a connection= 1KW

Number of solar = 1000/6= 166.66 =166 (approx)

Area require for solar panel =166 square feet= 200 square feet (normal roof have atleast this space).


1 solar cell or panel (1 square feet ) may cost= 500 (approx)

166 solar panel or cell cost= 500x166= 83000 (approx) vary on brand and company

Approx 5000 Rs for battery and chargers (approx)

total expence on solar panel of 1KW= 88000Rs = 90000 Rs

Expenditure on electric bill

1 month approx =1500 Rs

1year approx= 18000 Rs

5 year approx = 90000 Rs

But due to inflation it may cost you 90000 in 3rd or 4th year.

Solar panel investment will be returned in 4th year and then you can enjoy free electricity forever

Now in case of Electric bill you have to pay every year but solar panel system will give you free source of energy forever.

Solar water heater panel system  (as renewable energy source)

    Solar water heater panel converts sun light into heat energy. when sun light falls on solar water heater panel light energy will be absorbed on black surface and produces heat to boil the water in black tubes. As sun light is abundant in nature so it will be a good source of renewable source of energy. Just invest for one time and you will get life time free hot water without wasting your LPG gas or electric city for your home or office.

Mathematics for solar water heater panel

To boil 1 Litre of water we require= 334.880 Kj of energy

(The first assumption is that the water is at room temperature, or 20 C. First, the water must be heated to 100 C, which takes energy. The amount of energy is given by the specific heat of water, which is 4.186 Joule/gram C. That means that requires 4.186 Joules of energy to heat 1 kilogram of water by 1 C. So if you have 1 kg of water at 20 C, you have to add this much energy: 
mass*temperature change*specific heat = 1,000 grams * (100 C - 20 C) * 4.186 J/g C = 334,880 J = 334.880 kJ)


1 cylinder of LPG give energy = 2061 MJ = 2061000 KJ 

(As calorific value of LPG= 10950 Kcal/KG= 45.8MJ/KG

1 cylinder having 45 kg gas so energy= 45.8 X 45 = 2061 MJ)

cost of LPG cylinder= 627.5 Rs in mumbai (will grow in future as non renewable source of energy)

Cost per MJ= 627.5 / 2061= 0.304 Rs/MJ

Cost of solar water heater system (for 200 Litre of water) =16000 Rs (approx) depend on brand and capacity

Power rating = 1000 Watt (approx) in day time 

Now let suppose it only recieve sun light for 8 hr a day

Energy converted into heat by heater in 1 hour= 1000W X (60 Sec X60 Min)= 3600 KJ= 3600KJ

Energy converted into heat by heater in 8 hr= 3600x8 =28800KJ=28.8MJ

As LPG cost for 1MJ= 0.304Rs

As solar water heater produces 28.8MJ in a day so it saves= 28.8X0.304= 8.7Rs in a day

Solar panel water heater save in a year=  8.7 x 365 days= 3200Rs

Solar panel water heater save in a 5 year= 16000 Rs(approx)

So, In five years your investment will be returned and then your solar water heater panel will boils your water for free forever.

Solar Light panel  (as renewable energy source)

    Solar light is also a very good product for non renewable source of energy. Cost of a solar lamp is around 500Rs - 600 Rs. Solar light will returns your investment in just 1 year. You can get various shapes in solar light with battery storage options. You can use solar light in your house it will absorb light from atmosphere and charge itself. Solar light is a very good product because it save too much energy and cheaper also in comparision of solar heater or solar panel. so solar light can easily affordable by anyone.

Your investment in solar light will cover in just one year

Conclusion for solar (solar water heater, solar light, solar panel etc ) based system

    If you want to give a clean society and cheap renewable sources of energy to your next generation. You can buy system(like solar water heater panel, solar panel or solar light) for solar or any renewable energy source and install in your home. You can use solar water heater to boil water it will not give bill like your electric heater or you may use solar panel it will give electricity without bill. You should also use solar light as renewable source of energy.

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