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how to earn money online in digital marketing

    Every body in the today's society wants to earn money as job is an active earning (we have to go work daily). And job is having its own restrictions. So every body now a days wants passive or side earnings to maintain life style in today's world. so earning through digital marketing is the solution your blog or website reaches through out the world. So you can earn from it.

    Before explaining methods of earning online using blog or website, first of all i want to tell you the (economical) basics of internet. How the system(internet) works?. what are the economical structure of internet. why all the sites are providing services free of cost ?. Why there are so many software and APPS available to download free of cost?. So there are so many question which comes in your mind. There are so many site , blog, software requires funds to operate but they are not asking money from you. Google yahoo not asking money to operate their mail services. Not asking money to search any thing. Facebook not asking money to create account or to add friends etc. How these sites or blogs earn as every body wants to earn money in any business. Everybody wants to earn earn earn and earn. But all of them are providing services free of cost. Why? and how?. So There are three methods to earn online blog. And off course the income earn will be passive income.  

Methods to earn money by any online software platform(website, blog, APP etc) in online digital marketing are divided as follows:-

  • First method is to sell products online(like cloths, mobiles, footwear's etc) known as eCommerce for earning.
  • Second method is to charge users to use your online software platform(website, blog, APP etc).
  • Third method is to make every service on your platform free to gather visitors and then use the platform for advertisement (online digital marketing).

     First method is to sell products online(like cloths, mobiles, footwear's etc) known as eCommerce.

            To use this method we can use either own purchased domain or place our products on existing platforms blogs like So that when anybody search for product your blog will searched by search engines. In this method you have to get legal registrations of your online store(like sale tax, VAT etc). You have to add payment gateways, so that you can receive payments from users and earn. Maintain a delivery system to supply the products to the user home.

    Second method for earning is to charge users to use your online software platform(website, blog, APP etc).

            To sell online services or software, you have to make sure your software or services are owned by you(copyrights) and user need those services. And again you have to setup payment gateways with legal registration as a firm. Although traffic on your website or blog can be average. You can also earn in this method.

     Third method is to provide free services on your platform and earn through advertisements (online Digital marketing).

            To earn using blog or site, you can provide free services, write informative article just like this article or share your knowledge through blog. And when people search on net about any information relevant to your blog you will get visitors(traffic) to your blog. Then you can place affiliate products(products from other eCommerce site) so that if any thing sell through your traffic. You will get commissions or get paid advertisement (online digital marketing) from various ad networks which pays you for per click basis or number of visitors. But the best method to earn is affiliate marketing from eCommerce website. So if you want to earn without any investment it is the best method to write a blog. There are various networks provides resources to write blog but they may or may not allow you to earn through advertisement( online digital marketing) on that blog. You can start earning in online digital marketing using blog but its earning will start slowly because of low traffic initially. So more number of blogs you have more visitors(grow earning) you will get. And your earning will also grow with number of blogs and traffic on your blogs.

You can earn(Passive Income) from blog writing on this site( as you can sell ads space inside your blog article. So if you want to earn by blog Click here.

Methods to start online platform(start site or blog) for earning in online digital marketing

  • Start your own online platform(site, blog).
  • Use the existing platform created by some body else.

Start your own online platform by following steps

  • To start your own website or blog you need to first purchase a domain name from any good registrar.
  • Domain name is just a unique name(one name will be associated with only one domain like )  use for any website on internet.
  •  Purchase hosting space ( where your all of your site will be saved).
  • Connect your domain with your hosting account by giving namespace into registrar account of domain.
  • Save all of your website files in your hosting account.
  • Your website/blog is now working but you only access it through address bar not through search engine search.
  • To enable your site to comes in search results of search engine you have to do search engine optimization of your site and submit your site to search engines.

     All the above process requires 

  • Money to purchase domain(for blog or site), hosting before any earning starts.
  • Requires lot of technical efforts to design and make your site searchable.

Use the existing platform created by some body else for earning using online digital marketing.

  • There are websites provides web hosting and sub domain free but you have to write codes for your site by your own. 
  • There are sites which provides the facility to write your own blog( like free and you do not care about technical side of blog. You only write the content which you require.

        All the above process requires 

  • Just register and start using services free of cost but you may not having all functionality like your own site.
  • But it is free and easy to implement.
  • And can be a good source of earning in future(like blog section )

    Now after putting your website or online platform (online Digital marketing) for any thing the important issue is how to earn money. Because every thing we are doing is for earning money. If you are host your purchased domain. You will have the whole control but you have to take care of various technical aspects. And some free source to use existing platform also allows to you to earn money like in . Where you can earn through creating blog and give advertisement (online digital marketing) in it. Which gives revenue to you.

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There are lots of ways to earn money online specially for digital marketer. Like Affiliate marketing
But of things need proper dedication, efforts, time and passion.

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