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Visit picnic place in Kahalgaon for tourist in holiday

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Kahalgaon is a town in Bhagalpur district in the state of Bihar, India. It is located close to the Vikramashila, that was once a famous centre of Buddhist the world, along with Nalanda during the Pala dynasty. nice place to visit Kahalgaon in holiday for tourist as well as in picnic.



Tourist and Picnic places (city) to visit for holiday in Kahalgaon

Vikramashila Mahavihara place

         Vikramashila was one of the two most important centres of Buddhist learning in India during the Pala empire, along with Nalanda. good place for tourist to visit Vikramashila Mahavihara in picnic as well as in holidays.

Visit tourist place Vikramashila Mahavihara in holidays for picnic in Kahalgaon

Taxi:       visit Vikramashila Mahavihara tourist place from Kahalgaon by bus or car.

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  • Mahmud Shah's tomb place Kahalgaon

Mahmud Shah's tomb place

         Mahmud Shah was the last independent King of Bengal who died at Kahalgaon. After his defeat at the hands of Sher Shah, the mighty Pathan ruler, he took refuge with the Mughal Emperor Humayun at Chunar. place for picnic and holidays to visit Mahmud Shah's tomb by tourist.

Visit tourist place Mahmud Shah's tomb in holidays for picnic in Kahalgaon

Taxi:       visit Mahmud Shah's tomb tourist place from Kahalgaon by bus or car.

Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījāna place

By Unknown [Tibet (a Kadampa monastery)] (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

         Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījāna was a Buddhist Bengali religious leader and master. He was one of the major figures in the spread of 11th-century Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in Asia and inspired Buddhist thought from Tibet to Sumatra. tourist place to visit Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījāna in picnic or in holidays.

Visit tourist place Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījāna in holidays for picnic in Kahalgaon

Taxi:       visit Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījāna tourist place from Kahalgaon by bus or car.

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