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Increase bone density and height by exercise and diet

    There are various occasions in our life when we require a good height and good personality. In career, mariage , etc height can change your fortune. Now a days without good height you can not qualify for military or air force. Now the most important factor in increasing height in the age of 15-22 year is to increase your bone density. As bone density should be high so that when you do your stretching exercise your bone will increase. And then good diet with exercise also increases the chances to increase your height and bone density. Although height is dependent of our fore father's genes but the below natural process can increase your height and bone density with the help of exercise and diet.

There are various exercises to increase height and bone density

  •  Running

            Go for running in the morning. Running is very good exercise to increase height. It strengthen your bones and give good bone density. And help them to grow in proper manner. It increases blood flow in the body. And each and every part gets refreshed.

  •  Swimming

                Swimming requires stamina and power to trust water. It increases stamina and blood flow through each and every part of body. It increases metabolism to help reduce weight also. As blood flow with oxygen increases in your body will help to increase your bone density. It also stretches your whole body gives good posture and increase height and bone density.

  •  Stretching exercise 

                Stretching exercise stretches your body and bones. Also increases blood flow near bones. Removes the chances of any blood clot near bones or legs. You can do exercise by sit on a table with leg suspended in air. Then put some weight on lowest part. Then move your leg to and fro. It will increase your height. It will stretches your leg down wards. Increases bone of your leg to increase height. But do not put over weight. 

  •  Take calcium rich diet 

                You should take calcium rich diet like milk and dairy products. It helps in increases your bone density and gives good result of your exercising efforts for increasing height. Take a glass of milk and if possible add turmeric in it daily.

  •  Take adequate sunlight for vitamin D 

                You should take adequate sunlight so that calcium will get absorbed in your body. helps in increasing bone density and height. But be careful do not get too much sun exposure it will causing tanning and skin problems. You should take sun bath between 8 am to 9 am for  15 min. In this duration sun light fall on your skin will not harm you much. And your body will be able generate vitamin D using sunlight.

  •  Take potassium rich diet 

                You should take potassium rich diet. It also help in growing bones, bone density and height. Beans, dark leafy greens, potatoes, mushrooms, squashyogurt, fish, avocados and bananas are rich sources of potassium. It helps in growing height of your bones.

  •  Take proper rest and sleep to get good bone density and height

                You should take proper rest and sleep. Because good sleep increases melatonin production. Melatonin is helpfull in growing bones and bone density. Inadequate sleep not only restrict height as well as weaken your bones. 


        Take proper rest, sleep. Take healthy diet. Take diet rich in calcium and potassium. And exercise regularly to increase your height and be fit.            Registered & Protected 

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