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How to become rich and get money in life

    Every body work and wants to become rich and earn money in his life. Every body work and wants to earn more money to get luxurious and rich life style with lots of money. And spend his/ her life with full of joy and happiness. But very few gets the name, fame and money in his / her life. Very few becomes rich and have plenty of money in their life. Why some one work and spends whole life to earn money but not become rich in his life. A person may work some initial years of life in struggle to become rich and then lives a lavish life and also make their family members rich and more rich.

Everyone having questions about work, money and rich people in their life are as follows:-

  • Why a less qualified person works and earn more than you?
  • Why a less qualified person is in top post in your sector.
  • Why somebody with less experience earn much more than you?
  • How to work to become rich in our life and earn money?

    Answer of all the above questions is that we are made to think that money is related to work, qualification, experience and your own luck of our life. And a person can only become rich if our destiny supports in life but the fact is we don not know how to earn money and become rich in life. And what is the relation of work, money and richness in life.

Now we can work with our article into two parts

  1. Work and earn money in life
  2. Become rich through earning sources in life

Work and earn money in life

    Actually a person never earn money with just a job work in life, he only exchange money with his laborious work. And the exchange rate depends on the demand of the work. But we think money is dependent on work we will do. But money is only depends on the demand and supply of that work.

    So if you want to earn money just keep an eye on the work having high demand with less supply.

Work in demand for growing population countries

     It is a golden rule if you are working in growing population country supply of services will be more and supply of fixed assets(Land, water etc) will be less. You can work to earn money in life if you can handle the supply of following

  •     Earn from land related work (civil work, construction etc)
  •     Earn from brokerage work related to rent, land, food items etc
  •     Earn using job consultancy and human resources related work etc.

Work in demand for declining population countries

    If you are working in a country having declining population then you can become rich and earn money in life by taking benefit from the situation. If you can supply services as young people will be less in country. So you can get rich and earn lots of money if you can get the benefit of situation and supply as follows:-

  •     Earn from service and services (IT services, clerks etc) only.

Become rich through earning sources in life by work for yourself

      After you earn money from work in life does not guarantees that you will become rich in your life. As become rich and earn money from work is two different. Many people work and earn money in life but not able to become rich. As we know a person earn 1Lakh or 2Lakh a month (very high earning in india) from his work can never have property of 1000's of crores.

How to become rich ( using saved money and work for your self) in life?

     Now to become rich we should understand the meaning of rich. As you can say that a rich person is having very huge property, bank balance and most important work to earn money with rate higher than inflation.  But from where it comes as there are many millionaire started from very basic income.

People will earn money but become rich if they earn with much higher rate than inflation. Because they earn at much higher rate they can earn more and spend less make them millionaire. And not only they earn from their work. They also have various earning sources made through their one time work.

Methods to become rich and earn money lifetime by onetime work

  • Invest your earn money in high return things safely (Like property in growing population country as price will rise) throughout your life. 
  • Invest your earn money in regular income schemes (like build property and then put them on rent, FMCG etc) for whole life.
  • Invest your time in work gives continuous earning for whole life (blog, website etc).
  • Work to set up various income sources to earn money from them for full life.

    So rich people also earn average salary from their work in their life. But they earn by investing their money or time into different sectors which gives earning or royalty regularly throughout their life. We work to get money one time but rich people work to set money sources (require to work once when started) one by one. Then those sources of income runs parallel and makes the person rich. So to become rich start self money earning sources of income or whose price increases more than inflation rate. Or in another words your asset (money, property, stocks ,website, blog) works for you.

Some of the work done by rich people to earn money in life are as follow:-

  • Buy property (as its price increase without giving time daily on it) during life time.
  • Mutual fund of companies which sales high demand products (mutual fund to reduce risk and high demand product to get good money and profit)
  • Self earning websites, blog(once written earn life long).
  • Buy stuff (property or stocks) when they are cheap and sells when their price increases suddenly.


    First to earn money in life by watching the demand of market having less supply. And save money to invest to become rich in life .But to become rich and earn money in life spend your time and saved money to build earning sources one by one. So that when your sources earn parallel you will earn in life with much more higher rate then a individual person can earn from employment or higher than inflation. 

    So as a person increases their money earning sources in life to become rich. A time will come in his life when all of his daily needs will be fulfilled by money earning from parallel income sources in his life. On this movement of life person will be free from working for money in his life. Now he will have time to invest and start more money earning sources to become rich and finally lead a person towards rich person. So person will be rich and more rich day by day in his life.

             So this way you can work to earn money and become rich in life.

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