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improve health and fitness by yoga asan and pranayam

     Every day thirty minute yoga asan keeps you healthy and fit. If want to be fit do yoga in the morning before meals or in evening one hours before dinner keeps you healthy and fit. Always do yoga in open space and well ventilated, where fresh air is in abundant not in polluted area for better fitness. Wear loose and cotton cloths, do not wear tight cloths while asan. You can walk to any near temple or any open space or on the roof of your house. There you can perform following asan and pranayam.

  • Surya Namashkar asan
  • Paschimotan asan
  • Purvotan asan
  • Vakra asan
  • Ardh machindra asan
  • Gomukh asan
  • Titli asan
  • Pavan mukt asan
  • Kandr asan
  • Setu band asan
  • Sava asan
  • Pranayam
  • Anulom Vilom
  • Bramri
  • Kapal bhati
  • Bhastrika

       You can perform the above asans and be fit for ever using yoga. All these asans were done from thousands of years in India by various rishis and munis in yoga. Yoga were derived from Ayurveda. If you apply yoga in your life you can live long, fit and healthy life without any medicine. To be fit in life do yoga and asan regularly. 

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