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Love and Hugs, A way to awesome Life.

Life iswonderful in Love.

Life is so muchwonderful when you are in love.  If you haven't fallen in love, you havemissed so much. I don't say that it has to be from both sides. It can beone sided. Love teaches you so many wonderful things. Now, the good question ishow do you know that you are in love. The good answer to this question is that,you already know it. Its just  that you don't want to accept it, or youdon't want to, or you don't believe it. You might have so many fears. Do feel aflutter in your heart when you see him/her. Do you have the desire to spendsages and ages with that one person. Once you have accepted it, things maybecome slightly easier. But the path ahead may not be very simple either. Youwill have to be ready to face what may come for the sake of your love. Love makes you stronger and smarter to tackle difficultsituations in life. You are more ready to fight now.You now have a wonderfulinspiration to drive you.Happiness, How much? This depends on you. there will alwaysbe bad days but yes there will always be rewards. Your love will stay by yourside. The days when you will hold your hands and walk together. Nothing canmatch the joy of those cherished moments. 

Love hasto be never ending.

Love is an everburning fire within you, it is an urge to make your love happy and satisfied.People talk about the success of Love marriages. A true relationship comes fromwithin the soul. If you are true, nothing can come in between you and yourlove. Love has to be passionate but there has to be space for other things inlife as well. Many a times individual careers come as hurdles in your life.Believe me nothing can come in your way, its just that you have to understandand be positive about the person you love so much. Sharing your personalproblem is a good thing. He/she may not be able to guide you, but your lovewill know, how much you value this relationship. Do Talk about sensible thingsin life and the about the wonderful future that you are planning together.

Hugs are the cure.

Life comes withpetty everyday problems. A hug can do wonders in a relationship. A warmcaressing hug is all that is needed to make things right and going. Taking outsome time for a walk together and talking is a good sign and shows that youcare. Nevertheless a hug is the final cure. And of course you may goahead.

Have a great day of Loveand Hugs!

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