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A Short Story...

In the Little Old Hills of Tennessee... 

            Once upon a time in 1925, we
actually talked together there were no cell phones in church or at dinner or
even in the

            But there was a switchboard with a
busy body operator with bad ringing in her ears and who liked to gossip. She
often got things wrong; but, every once in a while, she was spot on too, she
connected the right person.

            Everyone started doubting everyone
else; but, life just went on in the hills of
Tennessee where the trees
gently swayed and the children gently played.

            The Family ate dinner together and
you drank homemade whiskey and the adults loudly screamed. "HEY YOU, ON
THE WAGON!!!" Stop dancing around the still ! Come take a little swill! If
you will, I will! I would love to sweetie; It's nasty stuff, you know.         They all fell down and rolled on the
ground laughing hysteri
cally and the
children just stared wondering what they would do next and how their parents

            They got out the banjos, Stared up
at the moon, belted out a tune singing well into the night, and the women did
swoon and the men tried to croon, but failed miserably.

            There were a many hangover and
breakfast was burnt up. Aspirin was passed all around and Bobbi-Jo had to hurry
to prepare for her wedding to be held under the shady trees.

            Poppa hitched the horses up, Momma
fixed the posies nice, Brother got the table flowers ready and the Groom was
hung over looking a little bit green.

            Grandma made her concoction up and
he held his nose as he slugged it down. Then he danced a jig like a good old
clown. Fell on his butt and split his new pants open. Grabbing for his aching
gut, Silly groom - what a nut! All smiles was he when... His bride did arrive
then and down the aisle she walked.

            Pretty as a southern belle under the
Tennessee sunshine with
their friends and family; they be
came husband and
wife. He kissed her and smiled.

            They went to Nova Scotia for their lobster
honeymoon getaway.  They kissed a lobster
and got Jimmy Flynn hats together and threw them in the ocean but not before putting a little tag in their rims. Then they lived happily ever after in their
little lobster dingy with their fishing hats.

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