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Polyurethane material products to foam based

Polyurethane (PU) refers to the
molecular structure containing carbamate group (-NHCOO-) polymer, depends on
changes in the composition and its performance can range from soft to hard in a
wide range, its products mainly to foam (soft, semi hard and hard), the time
for coatings, adhesives, elastomers, plates and so on.

PU elastomer products can be divided into
seven categories: (1) ultra high resilience polyurethane elastomer system
category, super wear resistance, self lubrication PU elastomer category; (2);
(3) the high shock absorption of PU elastomer category; (4) slow rebound,
sound-absorbing PU elastomer category; (5) resistant high temperature 130
degrees - 150 degrees and smokeless combustion PU elastomer category; (6),
ultra-high hardness 96D + 2DPU elastic system category; (7) special anti-static
PU elastomer category.

materials, uses a very wide, can be used to replace the rubber, plastic, nylon
and so on for airport, hotel, building materials, automobile factory, coal
plant, cement plant, senior apartments, villas, landscaping, stone art, parks
and so on.
On the other hand, polyethylene foam recycling and
styrofoamrecycling is necessary.



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