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Application range of polystyrene

General purpose polystyrene: products of
a large number of products and household appliances, computers, medical and
other transparent products.

High impact polystyrene: greatly improve
the impact strength and elongation at break, the product is widely used in
electrical accessories, home appliances, food containers, etc..

Extruded foamed polystyrene sheet and
its thermal forming products: thick sheets are used for insulation, sound
insulation and shock proof materials.
Heat forming products are used in food packaging and fast
food containers.

Expandable polystyrene foam products:
the products are used in the insulation material of the electrical apparatus,
such as the shock packaging, building, refrigeration and other industries.

The first two kinds of polystyrene
products have long service life. The waste thickness can be recycled by the
conventional method, so the pressure on the environment is also small.
And then the two kinds of
polystyrene products are more disposable packaging, large volume, large
consumption, such as not to deal with the direct waste, will cause great
pressure on the environment.

It is often said that the "white pollution" in a large part of the
contents of the bubble polystyrene.
] poly of phthalic acid ethylene glycol ester waste Waste
Poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) of terephthalic acid or dimethyl of poly
terephthalic acid and styrofoam recycling glycol ester polycondensate, is a linear
thermoplastic plastics.
PET is usually a kind of crystalline plastic, but in the
bottle, film products, in order to its high degree of transparency, the use of
special process conditions to make it become amorphous plastic.

PET due to excellent performance, low
cost, very wide use.

According to its product form, can be divided into four categories: polyester
fiber, film, engineering injection molding parts, bottle category.
PET bottle due to the
advantages of light weight, low energy consumption, etc., to replace some of
the traditional packaging materials, a large number of applications in the
food, beverage, cosmetics and other fields, in particular, beverage bottles,
PET has accounted for absolute advantage.
Beverage bottles are disposable, so the
amount of waste is great.

PET bottles of recycling technology has
reached a high level in foreign countries, the United States, Germany and other
countries, the recovery rate has reached more than 80%.
Not only that, for the convenience of
recycling, these countries also specifically developed a number of local
regulations, the PET bottles of waste, collection, use, design and manufacture
of mandatory provisions.


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