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Relation of education, skills, economics, finance, industry with Job and career

    In this world, people send their child to school for education and career/job. Then after 12th send them for college education to boost their skill set. And then they think their responsibility to make their child's education, career or job  is over. They think schools and colleges will take care of the education and career or job of their child. They think a convent or a popular school, colleges will be enough for education and make a superb career/job of each and every student. When their child passes out in the age of 21-24 year of their age will get a very good job and every industry wants them due to the career, job, education they opt. But in reality more than 60% engineers don't get any job or career or in another word they don't get the skills from their education. Or gets under paying job or career.

    And every college, school gives an excuse of competition/ recession in the market. Industry says they don't have required skill set or experience. Now the question is if a person doesn't get  basic skills to earn a basic job in his 20 (approx) years of education. He/she spends lakh of rupees and 20-30 percent of their life in education and skills. Then they get an answer they don't have the skills from industry. So where is the fault. Schools/ institutes, parents or child or in education. As schools/ institutions and also parents blame their child for failure in competitive exams or any industrial interview.

Basic questions about our education system are as follows

  • Why a student crack an interview(require cream) to just get a salary to fulfill just basic needs to live in this world(not lavish life).
  • In 20 years of education and study as students nobody teach him/her about money earning skills then just after graduation everybody wants him to earn money(having economical ,financial skills ).
  • They don't have money education(or money making skills).
  • They studied everything like (Language, maths, science, social, GK) but the job or career requires skills (Sales, Marketing, client handling, product development) So whatever a person learns in his/her education don't require in job and skills required were not studied in their education system.
  • Schools gives knowledge/education, but the job,career,industry requires (application of knowledge) skills to produce results.
  • Their is a absence of financial/industry education and skills.

    So solutions for this educational situation are

  • Schools should give financial education or skills and knowledge about economics, equity and stocks. 
  • Parents should give financial education or skills to himself and their child.
  • They should educate them about demand and supply concept.
  • Give freedom to do small industry jobs (like internships in industry) give them skills, knowledge of industry and financial education of the real scenario of employment during education in school.
  • A student should spend small time in industry of different streams. So that they get knowledge and skill set of different domains which helps them to choose their career/job in college after schooling.
  • Parents should not restrict the education to only books.
  • Education should include knowledge of different industries, sports, art, dance and all the extra curriculum activities/skills.
  • Any child can make their career/job in any industry, so don't restrict the education to traditional domains( like engineering, doctors etc).
  • Everybody should educate himself or herself about financial skill sets.

Important parameters while choosing any education, career, job or any specific industry

  • A career/job should be relevant to common public (like food industry, transport, entertainment or medical) so that career/job and its demand will forever.
  • There should not be too many middle men in that industry.
  • Entry into the industry should be easy(not too high skill sets required).
  • Profit ratio of industry should be high.
  • Risk on the business in that industry should be minimum.
  • If a business earns profit and enjoy the stability ,employ also enjoy stability and increments.
  • The sector/industry should require skills not recommendations (or bribe) to get increments or promotions.

    So the relation of Job and career is with skill along with education. So skills, economics, finance education is must in indian education system. In this world nobody will pays you for just some piece of paper(mark-sheets) or what you know but industry will pay you for the work you can do for them(skill you have).

    Although qualification/education is also equally important but it skills, financial and economical knowledge is also required to get a successful career/job in industry. And job or career is not every thing because now a days every body wants to get a good job or career which creates a situation where number of jobs providers are less and job seekers are more. So the salary reduces and the skill set required increases. So in education financial and economical education is also important which give a potential to become entrepreneurs. So if people use their skills, economical and financial education can reduces the problem of unemployment and under paying career/jobs.

    But the problem with our education system in terms of skill and job are

  • It teaches us for career/job not for entrepreneurship.
  • It does not include economical and financial education and skill sets require for entrepreneurship and for good career/job also.
  • Which creates a person made for job only in his career.
  • So to solve this our education system should provide the necessary skill sets, financial and economical education for entrepreneur ship.

    If education system provides the financial and economical skill sets in schooling the problem of jobs will be removed from our country. And people can have good job or career in their desired field.

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