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how to get job in india

    Now a days, we are having various people having degrees, qualifications from reputed college or universities but not having job. Some people with very basic qualification from ordinary college or universities but having job or employed with good organization or having good salaries in job. So the question arises why somebody having job with low qualification but you are not having job with very high qualification and degrees. Because to get a job we have to understand the basics of job employment in a particular sector.

How Indian organizations hire people?. What they want in their employees?

    So there are some common thing most of the Indian employer wants in their employees are as follows.

  • Should have relevant skills needed to a particular sector or in job.
  • Should give services for long duration to organization(reliability in job).
  • Needy for a job.
  • Satisfied in the salary range affordable(in particular job) by employer in future also.
  • Always work hard to achieve goals and targets of management in job.

    If you read above points, we can conclude that en employer want skills to get results(production or sales depends on sector) from an employee. To judge his/her skills to perform in future degree or qualifications are just an indicator for an employer. But qualifications and degrees will also an indicator that in future employee demand more salaries in future.

    An employer wants maximum skills and experience with minimum qualification needed in that sector or job. Because if an employee is over qualified for the job may switch in future or demands more salaries. So for high reliability, stability and good results employee should have high skills or experience with an average qualifications or degrees.

What an average employee wants in job?

    So it is also important to know the expectations of an employee from organization or employer.  So there are following expectations of most of the employees in their jobs.

  • A high paying stable job.
  • Reputed and stable organization.
  • Growth in terms of salaries as well as skills , qualifications or degrees in future.
  • Job environment should not be stress full in that sector.
  • Work should not  be have high and minimum targets.

Problem is expectations of employer and employee in a job

    Now the expectations of an employee and employer in a job may meet in terms of salaries, targets, development in terms of skills and qualifications now. But in future mostly it will not meet which result in dissatisfaction between employee and employer, results in decreasing performance or job switch.

Employer and organization deals with the situation using HR

    So its the task of human resource department (HR) to take HR round during interview and judge the future reliability/performance of an employee in a particular job or sector.

What should an employee do to get relevant job?

    Employee should choose job,  sector, organization or employer with following criteria.

  • Employee should opt a job can give the required satisfaction, salary and increments in present and future.
  • Choose sector which provides necessary services to common people of society(For stability point of view).
  • Choose sector having product or services required by society on daily basis (like FMCG products).
  • Choose sector which gets regular income for doing one time job or work(like gets royalty, patents) which gives high profitability and ultimately able to give to their employees.
  • Choose new emerging sector because it is having high job requirements or opening (easy to enter into industry).
  • Choose sector where work will never ends like(medical, hotel, tourism).
  • Choose sector where salaries increases with experiences or skills (so that salaries will grow in future).
  • Choose sector in which you have interest so that you will perform well and success.
  • Choose sector which is supported by economy of your country(So that govt will also help to boost the sector ).
  • But do not change your job sector rapidly.

  After choosing sector follow the below steps to get job in the same sector

  • Use your friend's / relatives network to get the basic information about the sector ( Like job opening, procedure to entry in the sector ).
  • Search the person in the same sector can provide you reference latter or recommend you for any job. 
  • Then make a list of your qualities and skills required in the job or in current sector(Like IT needs java, database etc).
  • Then write a resume shows your qualities and skills  needed in the job of same sector.
  • Then show your resume in to the person working in same sector to review(so that errors can be rectified and you can also get information of any job opening suitable to your resume).
  • Now post /upload your resume every where (like job portals, websites etc) and also send it by mails to all the companies belongs to your sector on weekly basis(again and again because your employer may gets thousands of resumes daily so your mail may be deleted or goes down in the list) increases your job options.


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